Download the Nuučaan̓uł IPA font

There are many sounds in the Nuučaan̓uł (NuuChahNulth) that do not exist in the English Language. In order to ensure that these unique pronounciations are reflecting in written forms of the language the Nuučaan̓uł IPA font is used. Here is a link to, follow the directions listed for either Mac or PC. The Nuučaan̓uł langauge is considered to be a part of the Wakashan language group which is why it is listed under 'Wakashan'. 

The First Peoples' Cultural Council

The First Peoples' Cultural Council supports B.C. First Nations communities to maintain, preserve and restore their languages by providing funding, training and capacity building, and advocacy for language immersion, collaboration, planning, language and culture, and archiving programs. They distribute provincial and federal funding, and administer immersion-focused programs.

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