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The Infant Development Program serves infants from ages 0 to 3 who are at risk for any type of developmental delay.  Infant Development Program (IDP) Consultants have a broad range of experience working with infants and families and an educational level of licensed early childhood educator or higher.  They receive on-going training regarding child development and issues related to Early Intervention.

IDP provides a variety of supports:

  • Home visits to encourage your child's progress through play based activities;
  • Assistance for you to connect with other community resources;
  • Certified Infant Massage parent eductors;
  • A weekly  Parent and Tot playgroup;
  • Information about typical versus atypical development;
  • Administer screening tools to determine your child's strengths and needs;
  • Can make referrals to Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language, Dieticians and other professionals if required;
  • Have a Certified Mother Goose Workshop Facilitator;
  • Can attend local medical appointments with you if required;
  • Can coordinate and facilitate team meetings with other providers and parents.

Most interactions occur in your family home, but they can meet wherever you are most comfortable.

Referrals are welcome from all sources, including parents and caregivers.


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