From April 5-9, 2009, the Centre for Rural Health Research conducted a consultation on maternity service delivery in Tofino and the surrounding catchment to 1) determine the community’s desire for local maternity care services, including level of risk tolerance, and 2) to assess resources currently available. This consultation was funded by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, with endorsement from the BC Ministry of Health Services and the support of community and hospital stakeholders in the Tofino area. 

This report communicates the results of the consultation and includes recommendations for a sustainable model of local maternity care, based on the findings from interviews and focus groups and informed by our understanding of sustainable models of maternity service in rural British Columbia.

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From April 5-9, 2009, the Center for Primary Health Research held a consultation on delivery of maternity services in Tofino and a community forum to examine current sources. He did work for This consultation is funded by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, with approval from the BC Department of Labor and community support and hospital partners in the Tofino area.

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