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We know that transportation in our region presents a diverse array of challenges and there are no quick fixes. From boat travel to bus routes, the way in which we access basic services has a large impact on our individual and community health as well as our health system. To be more effective together, the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network spearheaded a study to start the conversation about what we can do to improve access in our region and improve health equity. The information in the study was gathered through:

31 interviews with key community stakeholders 

Literature review of previous studies and conversations which you may have been a part of…

4 community engagement sessions – Bamfield, Port Alberni, Tofino and Ucluelet

2 round table discussions 

From this information 4 themes emerged:

There is lack of a coordinated approach in transportation networks, schedules and options 

Transportation is tied to mental and physical health and regional prosperity

Time is as much a factor as money when it comes to affordability. Many people in the region cannot travel to and from an appointment in one day

Stakeholders and community members are eager for solutions.


A series of 11 broad recommendations emerged from the study which can be distilled into 4 main themes.

Encourage greater public engagement – establish a regional working group to identify and take action

Improve coordination of services – central website, innovative health outreach programs, etc.

Investigate medical travel options – wheels for wellness and community shuttles

Enhance transportation corridors – highways, active transport options, recognizing marine corridors as significant transportation contributors


Regional transportation study article was written by the Coastal family that has much experience about this. it has almost all the data that was based on the concept of this has all the details about the article that I have to know.

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