The Clayoquot Biosphere Region Food Action Plan is the culmination of the Clayoquot Biosphere Food Action Planning Project, led by the Ucluelet Community Food Initiative in partnership with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust and funded by the BC Healthy Living Alliance.

The main focus of the project was to identify actions to address food security challenges across the region and to create networking and partnership opportunities.

The Plan comprises information gathered through a series of stakeholder engagement meetings and interviews held throughout the Clayoquot Sound region in January and February 2010, as well as broad community input gathered at community events, through a community survey and literature review.

A number of challenges to local food security were raised across stakeholder sessions including transportation, remoteness, high food and land costs, difficulty accessing seafood, Government regulations and, in some cases, demand for local food exceeding supply. Many of these issues are not new to residents of the Biosphere Reserve region and impact many aspects of their lives.

View the full Food Action Plan in PDF Format


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