During the winter of 2015-16, the Long Beach Chapter of the Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice developed and implemented a Community Health Survey to hear directly from residents about their access to and experience with health care services in the area.

Intended for permanent residents of at least one year, the survey engaged community members from Hot Springs Cove, Ahousaht, Opitsat, Tofino, Esowista/Ty-Histanis, Ucluelet, Hitacu and Macoah, as well as Regional District Area C.

Results of the Survey will be used to inform further projects and service delivery planning in the area. A total of 303 responses were received (combined paper and electronic formats) and reports were produced in June 2016 with results being reported in a number of ways.

View the Reports below: 

(Note: there are no community profiles for Macoah, Port Albion, or Area C due to small population size.)


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