This is a Place for Families

This is a place for families. A place for West Coast residents. This website is a place for you to find out what you need to know to live within our communities. It's not always easy to find the answers we need to questions like "Where do I find out about birthing services?", "Who is the local dentist?" or even "Who do I call when I need help". This website is a place for you to find answers to your questions faster, easier and in one place. It's also a place for you to tell us where you need support. What services are we missing?

Explore our Resources page. Click around and check out our exhaustive list of local service providers. Need a job? The Alberni Valley Employment Centre can help. Have questions about having your baby? There's a pregnancy outreach program! Did we miss something? Let us know and we'll do our best to fill in that gap.  This website aims to better connect our residents with available resources and develop a forum for family experiences and information sharing.

The West Coast Central Region is a geographically isolated area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia and home to 8 distinct communities comprising approximately 6,000 residents.  Service providers in our region do their best to meet the needs of our residents, but due to the small population, amenities and services are limited.  This website was designed to help connect residents with services, increase knowledge and awareness of what services are available, and increase access to out-of-town services.

Here you will find

  • Resources for individuals and families; searchable by community, topic or name
  • A forum for pre- and post- natal families to share information, birthing experiences, out-of-town tips and a place to raise awareness about our communities' programs
  • Events calendar for popular programs and family events
  • Local documents, links and education materials relating to child, youth and family development and health


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